Chair and CEO report

The 2021–2022 financial year was one of significant growth and change for the Scope Group. We expanded our national footprint with the acquisition of Disability Services Australia (DSA) in New South Wales along with the supported independent living staff and customers transitioning from Uniting Vic.Tas. In welcoming a host of new customers, staff, and houses to Scope, we are growing our capacity to positively impact on the lives of people living with disability.

Our successful growth and ability to thrive under the NDIS is undoubtedly due to the leadership and vision of Dr Jennifer Fitzgerald AM. The Scope Group is now firmly established as a leading national provider of disability services and a recognised innovator through the research investment that Jenny championed. While Jenny’s tenure as CEO ended at the beginning of 2022, she leaves the legacy of a thriving and financially sound organisation ready to make an even bigger impact in the lives of people living with disability.


We thank Jenny for her devotion to Scope and her commitment to our growth and leadership in the disability sector. To commemorate her achievements, and to specifically recognise her commitment to research-based innovation and the empowerment of people with disability, Scope will launch a research scholarship to enable a person with disability to undertake post-graduate studies.


Following an extensive search, Scope’s Board was delighted to appoint Kate MacRae to the position of CEO in April 2022. 


Kate brings a vast experience as an Executive and Director in the disability and health sectors. She has led large, complex, and geographically dispersed organisations. Prior to joining Scope, Kate was the CEO of Able Australia and established the Deafblind Centre of Excellence in 2019. The centre is now a recognised leader in the field, actively collaborating with the World Health Organization, United Nations, and Deafblind International to improve outcomes for people who are deafblind.


Kate is also founder and inaugural Chair of The CEO Collaboration, a membership body of 110+ NDIS providers. We are delighted that collaboration will be a feature of her leadership as a truly effective disability sector requires us all to work together for the beneficiaries of our services.


The 2022–2023 year will be one of consolidation as we seek to integrate and harmonise across the Scope Group. We want to ensure our staff are well supported and equipped to deliver a consistent, high-quality customer experience across the organisation.

Providing an outstanding customer experience remains a priority, and we are deeply grateful to our service delivery teams for the work they do every day. The last two years brought immense challenges for frontline staff and customers, and we appreciate the resilience and commitment shown by our people through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and during the New South Wales flood crisis.


Under these difficult circumstances, the needs and goals of our customers were always at the forefront and staff found new and innovative ways to support them. These challenges did not stop the work. Home@Scope successfully transitioned to the NDIS, offering more agency, choice, and control to our customers. We also committed to upgrading our Supported Independent Living (SIL) and Day and Lifestyle Options spaces to be more comfortable, modern, and welcoming spaces for our customers.


This year, we recorded a surplus of $43.5 million, helping to create the investment we need to be sustainable into the future and to be a more impactful organisation. While the NDIS is an important funder of disability services, there is so much more investment needed and the Board are committed to ensuring that our legacy investment is used to finance important initiatives that will enhance the lives of people with disability. Scope is known for its investment in research and innovation. Our partnership with Swinburne University helped us maintain our status as pioneers in the disability innovation space.


Together, we launched the Safety at Work program, allowing our disability support workers to undertake customised virtual reality training on how to navigate sector-specific behavioural challenges. Our partnership with the University of Melbourne is helping to inform policy and practice along with the biennial Virtual Disability Conference. Together with our customers, we platformed the needs and goals of people with disabilities, making nine submissions to government consultations and enquiries. By leveraging our position as sector leaders, we will continue to maximise social impact and amplify the voices of people with disability.


Looking to the future, Scope Group will continue to come together to better support, inform, and lead the sector. We enthusiastically welcome the opportunity to grow as a national service provider and keep the voices of our customers, their families, and our teams at the heart of our services.

Service Highlights


people were supported by Scope Group


people were supported to live more independently (SIL)













More than


children and adults received therapy and psychology services


adults participated in meaningful recreation and skill building through our day programs

Customer Satisfaction





Strategic priorities in action

An Outstanding Customer Experience

A Greater Social Impact

A Thriving National Organisation

A Leading and Successful Team

About Scope

Scope was founded over 70 years ago, by families who wanted better support for their children with cerebral palsy. Today, we’re Scope Group, having welcomed Home@Scope and Disability Services Australia to our operations. Scope Group is one of the largest not-for-profit disability service providers in Australia, supporting thousands of people with complex intellectual, physical, and multiple disabilities. We operate across Victoria and New South Wales through more than 425 service locations.

Our mission is to enable each person we support to live as an equal and empowered citizen. We’re driven by our values, encapsulated in the Scope Approach. These values are integrated into the fabric of everything we do. Simply and clearly articulated, they are: See The Person, Do It Together, Do It Right, and Do It Better.


We offer a wide range of supports and services, to enable people of all ages to achieve their goals. We are a registered NDIS provider and have supported people to successfully move to the new scheme since its inception in 2013.


Some of our key services include Supported Independent Living, Therapy, Early Childhood Intervention, Disability Employment Services, Packaging Solutions, Short Term Accommodation, and Day and Lifestyle Programs.


Scope Group services are provided and maintained at a high level through ongoing evaluation and continuous improvement. We adhere to government standards and have achieved accreditation under the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework.


We work within this framework when planning, delivering, and evaluating our services for people with a disability.

Customer feedback helps us to maintain these standards. In the last financial year, Scope’s customer satisfaction scores remained high, with a combined score of 93 per cent across all services.


Along with delivering high-quality services for people with a disability, Scope’s been active in research for more than 30 years and this helps us deliver positive outcomes. We’ve also led the way in working with organisations to remove barriers to social inclusion through our pioneering work in Communication Access.


In line with our essential role in the community and as a Not-for-Profit, Scope Group is compliant with the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission Act 2012 (Cth), the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission Regulation 2013 (Cth), and other relevant legislation. We are a member-based organisation and our governance is framed within our Constitution, in line with current good corporate practice across all Scope Group entities.


We’ve enshrined the voice of our customers within our governance through the establishment of the Scope Customer Experience and Outcomes Board Committee, Customer Reference Groups, and a Customer Insights Committee. This ensures independent and direct advice to Scope Group.

The Scope Approach


See the person

We listen to understand.

We see the potential.

We recognise how you do things and what you achieve.

We take personal responsibility.

We build excellent relationships with our clients and customers.

We understand the balance between risks and rights.


Do it together

We lead in line with The Scope Approach.

We work together to achieve shared goals.

We build sustainable and ethical partnerships.

We support each other.

We communicate early and honestly.

We share responsibility for safety.


Do it right

We use systems and processes in our work.

We deliver quality outcomes safely and on time.

We understand risks and opportunities.

We are a financially sustainable organisation.

We own the consequences of our actions.

We take pride in the delivery of our mission.


Do it better

We develop creative solutions.

We review and continually improve.

We understand what is working and what is not.

We seek and respond to feedback.

We build capacity in all that we do.

We are a leader in safety.

Timeline of Scope’s growth

Financial highlights 2021–22

Profit and loss

Scope is committed to delivering our mission through high-quality services now and into the future.

Scope’s ongoing focus is to develop our services to remain sustainable in an NDIS environment. Scope aims to continually improve our efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of our mission. We do this by maximising our resources in an ethical and sustainable manner. Scope’s surplus will ensure long term financial sustainability of the organisation, particularly as the Victorian Government subsidy period concludes.

Statement of Surplus or Deficit for the year ended 30 June 2022 $ '000s
State Government
Federal Government
Rendering of Services
Donations and Fundraising
Total Income
Staff and Related
Total Expenses
Surplus for the Year

Balance sheet

Statement of Financial Position as at 30 June 2022 $ '000s
Cash and Deposits
Other Financial Assets (Investments)
Receivables and Other
Total Current Assets
Non Current Assets
Property, Plant, and Equipment
Other Financial Assets (Investments)
Receivables and Other
Other Assets
Right-of-use Assets
Total Non Current Assets
Total Assets
Current Liabilities
Trade and Other Payables
Employee Benefits
Contract Liabilites
Lease Liabilities
Total Current Liabilities
Non Current Liabilities
Contract Liabilities
Other Non Current Liabilities
Lease Liabilities
Total Non Current Liabilities
Total Liabilities
Net Assets
Retained Earnings
Total Equity

Revenue by source

Federal Government 75%

   State Government


   Rendering of services


   Donations, bequests & fundraising


Expenditure by type

Employee expenses 86%



   Depreciation, amortisation & impairment


   Client costs


   Maintenance & vehicles




Revenue by category

Support Independent Living 85%

    Lifestyle Options


   Short Term Accommodation


   Therapy & Psychology


   Employment Solutions






Overview of services

We have a wide range of services across the Scope Group:

We support customers in specialist disability accommodation to live independently, assisting them with daily living and personal care. We focus on delivering meaningful choice and control, supporting customers to participate in the decisions and daily running of their homes. Our SIL teams are trained to support people with a variety of complex needs and assist them to find opportunities for new social activities and interests in the community. Operating across Victoria and New South Wales, we offer group homes with 24/7 support, purpose-built, traditional family homes, and high physical needs residences. Our services in New South Wales also offer villa complexes and independent villas.

Through a short stay at one of our STAA homes, customers can learn independent living skills and engage with their local community. This also gives family and carers a chance to take a break from their daily routine. Scope offers STAA services for both adults and children across Victoria and New South Wales. Our STAA stays include assistance with social and community participation as well as at-home activities (self-care and life skills training for independent living).

Our specialist therapy services include Physiotherapy, Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, and Psychology. We have extensive experience in early childhood early intervention services to support children with developmental delay. Our new integrated therapy approach is family and community-centred, with greater access to a broader range of supports. Services include: Psychology, Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Positive Behaviour Support Therapy, Regulated Restrictive Practices, Psychometric Assessments, OT Assessments, Registered Nurse, Telehealth, and Training and Consultancy.

We’re a leader in the field of positive behaviour support. Our multidisciplinary service supports people with behaviours of concern or challenging behaviours to live a better quality of life. We deliver holistic solutions with the aim of reducing the use of restrictive interventions.

Our Day and Lifestyle Options in Victoria and Social Connections program in New South Wales are fun and dynamic spaces for people to build new skills and make new friends. Our programs are tailored to each customer’s goals and interests. This could include building friendships, learning new skills, or pursuing a favourite recreational activity. Participating in the local community can include volunteering at local businesses, engaging in activities such as surfing, bowling, rock-climbing or bingo, or dining out at cafes in a group environment. We offer group-based and individualised programs in centres and in the wider community.

Scope offers specialised Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) services to help people with complex communication needs get personalised, high-quality communication aids.

We enable organisations to improve access and inclusion of people with a disability. Our flagship offering is Communication Access Accreditation, awarded to businesses that meet communication access standards. Over 180 businesses and services in Victoria have been awarded the symbol, and this work continues to gain national and international attention and interest. Other solutions include staff training and accessible information translation.

We support people to understand their NDIS plan, then work with them to identify and purchase the supports and services needed to reach their goals.

Our specialised team assists people to explore different possibilities when it comes to finding the right place to live. We apply an individualised and tailored approach to design a personalised support arrangement for participants ranging from applying for a rental property to living in a shared home with others.


Our dedicated Disability Employment Service (DES) in New South Wales offers participants regular ongoing support through the job-search process and assistance with staying in work. DES is funded by the Australian Government for eligible jobseekers. We assist participants with eligibility checks finding jobs that suit their needs and career goals, and we work with participants and employers to keep people employed. We work closely with employers to set up a lasting working environment so that it’s a successful outcome for both the jobseeker and employer.

For participants that are ready to join the workforce, our Registered Training Organisation, Macquarie Employment Training Service (METS), offers the LearnAbility program. Run over four to six weeks, the program helps job seekers of all ages upskill and ready themselves, before introducing them to one of our partner businesses.


This is one of the services offered by our Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) supported employment teams, located in New South Wales. We offer supported employment opportunities where participants can work in a friendly supported environment, earn a wage, learn new skills, and make friends. We pack and label products for a range of different business customers located locally, in wider Australia, and around the world.


Macquarie Employment Training Service (METS) is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and approved Smart and Skilled provider in New South Wales. Through METS, participants can achieve nationally recognised qualifications or choose from a range of short courses. Areas of learning include: Early Childhood Education and Care, Community Services, Retail and Hospitality, Business and Leadership, Individual Support and Disability, First Aid and CPR, and Supply Chain Operations.

Our METS team was recently recognised at the NSW Training Awards as a High-Performing Provider.


We offer daily support at home and in the community and help participants achieve individual goals. NDIS Support Categories covered include Assistance with Daily Life, Improved Living Arrangements, Increased Social and Community Participation, Improved Relationships, and Improved Daily Living.


Our School Leaver Employment Support (SLES) service helps prepare participants to join the workforce in New South Wales. We offer individualised support whilst transitioning from high school into the workforce by focusing on participant goals, supporting customers to develop important skills like confidence and communication.

We offer practical activities, work experience, and volunteering opportunities, as well as individual support options to support further training and education. We help prepare resumes, practise interviewing, and assist with time and financial management. The program runs from three months to two years, depending on individual needs.

Map of services

New South Wales


Members and Annual General Meeting

Thank You

Scope Board of Directors

Professor Sanchia Aranda AM, PhD, MN, GAICD


Professor Sanchia Aranda AM, PhD, MN, GAICD

Professor Sanchia Aranda AM brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in both management and governance to her role in leading Scope’s Board. With a strong commitment to reducing health and social inequalities...
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Gary Brinkworth, BEc, GAICD

Deputy Chair

Gary Brinkworth, BEc, GAICD

Gary Brinkworth comes to Scope with a wealth of experience as a Chief Executive Officer and Company Director and a passion for customers and service delivery. He strongly believes in Scope’s values and mission...
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Dr Sarah Anderson, PhD, BPO, MPH

Dr Sarah Anderson, PhD, BPO, MPH

Dr Sarah Anderson joins Scope with a passion for equity and inclusion, and experience in the regulatory, disability, academia, healthcare sectors, and lived experience of disability.
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Brendan Earle, BA, LLB

Brendan Earle, BA, LLB

Brendan Earle is a commercial lawyer with extensive experience in corporate law, governance, finance, and strategy. He believes that every individual should be free to pursue their goals and aspirations, but that no one should be left...
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Barbara Hingston AM, BA (Admin), BSW, GAICD

Barbara Hingston AM, BA (Admin), BSW, GAICD

Barbara Hingston is a professional Non-Executive Director, skilled in health and social services, governance, management, and consumer and public stakeholder engagement. She brings energy, knowledge and capability to the Scope Board...
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Marcell Judkins, BBus, FCPA, MBA, FAICD

Marcell Judkins, BBus, FCPA, MBA, FAICD

Marcell Judkins combines her passion for finance and business with her drive to be an active member in the wider community as a Director on the Scope Board. She enjoys the professionalism of the Board and is proud...
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Serge Sardo, GradDipPsych, MBA, MAICD

Serge Sardo, GradDipPsych, MBA, MAICD

Serge Sardo is passionate about contributing to the lives of people with a disability. As a registered psychologist, Serge has spent many years counselling people with a disability and advocating on their behalf. Further to this, Serge brings...
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Executive Leadership Team

Kate MacRae

Chief Executive Officer

Kate MacRae

Kate joined Scope in April 2022. She has extensive experience in the disability and healthcare sectors, having held various executive and director roles...
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Heather Finlayson

Chief Operating Officer, Home@Scope

Heather Finlayson

Heather joined Scope in March 2019 and brought her extensive experience across health, community, education, and government sectors....
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Andrew Hanson

Chief Operating Officer, Scope

Andrew Hanson

Andrew joined Scope in 2018 as the Chief Operations Manager at Home@Scope, and later became the General Manager of Business Performance at Scope...
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Lee Carpenter

Chief Operating Officer NSW Scope/Disability Services Australia

Lee Carpenter

Lee joined Scope in January 2021 as Chief Growth Officer NSW. He was previously the Deputy CEO of Northcott disability services...
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Peter Hartnett

Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer

Peter Hartnett

Peter joined Scope in 2013, at the inception of the NDIS, following a 20-year career in corporate development with a number of leading Australian and international corporations. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours), a Master of Commerce (Honours)...
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Clare Jennings

Chief Customer Experience, Risk and Compliance Officer

Clare Jennings

Clare joined Scope in November 2021. She has more than 20 years of experience in the health, community services, and aged care sectors in Australia and the United Kingdom, leading innovation, governance, and quality programs...
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Sid Shekar

Chief Information Officer

Sid Shekar

Sid joined Scope in December 2020 and leads the IT Function and Enterprise PMO for the organisation. He was previously the General Manager of Strategy, Technology, and Transformation with NBN Co, where he was responsible for end-to-end strategy...
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Ian Morgan

Chief Financial Officer

Ian Morgan

Ian has led Finance, Payroll, and Assets at Scope since 2011. He is a Chartered Accountant with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Physics and has 25 years’ experience in CEO and CFO roles within public and private organisations...
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Phil Turton

Chief People & Culture Officer

Phil Turton

Phil joined Scope in November 2018. He has more than 30 years' experience in senior Human Resources positions across multiple industry sectors and dynamic work environments, including Unilever, Visy Industries, RACV, and Newcrest...
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